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title. ONISMA

date. 2020

city. Istanbul / Linz (ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL)

size. performance, mix media

.Concept & Theme


A textile organism as an electronic instrument.

The meaning of the word "onism" comes from the frustration of being stuck in one body, at one place. It is the awareness that a person can never experience the entire world. ONISMA is an experience which can be a way to overcome onism by taking audience somewhere else when they feel like their body is stuck at just one place and let them experience a different sound journey in a different reality. It’s an electronic organism which is fed by city sounds and manipulate them with its algorithm. It will offer audience an alternate version of their daily journey of the cities through the sounds we hear all the time. Church bells, birds, subway announcements, etc. can be an example of that. These sounds are the ones that make a city.


Nursinem Aslan (TR) Multidisciplinary artist who combines the subject of nature with the technology. After studying in various areas and techniques, her interest in new media art and interactive systems increased. She has been experimenting with sound design, autonomous systems, generative art, and video mapping.

Afra Sönmez (TR) is an electronic textile designer/ researcher who integrate technology with craft, fashion, and traditional methods. Her works contain different types of e-textile examples such as kinetic /e-textile costumes, wearable games, and instruments/ controllers.

Special Thanks to Onur Cabi, Alp Tugan and Melis Ergüven!

.The Technical Part

In “ONISMA” we used Teensy LC microcontrollers to create a generative audio system that creates generative sounds based on sound library of a city.

.Visitor Experience

The project was performed at "ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2020".

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