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title. OBTICEO

date. 2021

city. Istanbul / Akbank Sanat

size. performance, mix media

.Concept & Theme


"Are there times when you want to silence the inner voice that prevents you from being in the moment? Do you find yourself looking for ways to silence the chaos in your mind? Other people's thoughts about you, your self-questionings, your judgments… Now, as you read this sentence, put all your thoughts aside for a moment and focus on what you will see in this moment. Is it in your hands to find the serenity in the chaos?"


.The Technical Part

Obticeo is an interactive digital performance which is made for Akbank Sanat and consists of three parts: Journey, Chaos and Obticeo (I am silent) including a dancer, musicians, generative visuals, and a sound system triggered by sensors. In the first stage of the performance, the dancer places the sensors on her body with external manipulations and sometimes with her own choices, presenting us the crowded noises in our head as an improvised performance. In the second part, we will witness the separation of the dancer from the electrodes and manipulations as she flows in chaos. In the last part, we will see the dancer after all electrodes have been removed and witness the moment of silence, the serenity that has been inside all along.

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 17.25.34.png

.Visitor Experience

The project was performed at AKBANK SANAT and shared with the audience through digital channels due to corona regulations.

Melis Ergüven - Dancer

Nursinem Aslan - New Media Artist

Ilgaz Gold - Piano

Cem Kimverdi - Sound Design

Gizem Bilgen – Consultant

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