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title. BIKLET

date. 2017

city. Istanbul

size. custom interactive system

.Concept & Theme


Biklet is a fun and eco-friendly platform to encourage people to be more involve in bicycle culture with the help of customizable "biklet bicycle kits". I also made a prototype of a biklet bicycle which includes various biklet kits such as "touch paint music panel" which allows you to control your playlist safely, by pairing your device through bluetooth. Listening music from biklet's playlists that changes according to your speed is also an option. Biklet creates a sustainable and a fun solution to battery problem with charger dock which you can charge your smart phone while cycling with your own physical exertion.

.The Technical Principle

For the “touch paint music panel” part i used a microcontroller called “bare conductive” and its conductive painting. I made the coding part through arduino and gave commands to each painted shape to control music by touching it. Likewise i coded “bareconductive controller” in ardiuino to change playlists according to speed. For charger dock system i placed a dynamo into the wheel and connected it with another microchip and transformed the raw energy to a suitable form for the usb input.

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