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title. CHAOS

date. 2019

city. Istanbul

size. mix media

.Concept & Theme


“KAOS” (Chaos) was based on experiencing the unlimited deviation of the universe by individuals. These deviations which we create in the infinite possibilities can make us happy or discomfortable.

.The Technical Part

In “KAOS” I used Proccesing and Pure Data to programme a generative visual and audio system that creates generative visuals and sounds according to performer’s live motions or audience’s manipulation in xyz coordinates. I used Playground Express by Adafruit as microcontroller and projection to show visuals.

.Visitor Experience

In the first version visitors can experience ‘kaos’ by a remote controller that has microcontroller in it. Visitor’s hand motions in xyz coordinates will manipulate visuals and audio live. They will experience the results by earphones and projector. In second version visitors will see a performer with ‘kaos’ attached to his/her body. The performer’s movement will generate visuals on the projector and live audio. Visitors will experience the reflection of the performance as visuals and audio. Each performance will be unique since the process is generative. 

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