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ArtScience Festival ten to ten

I performed a piece which I composed from the recordings I have got from various sources at Willem Twee Studios.


Very Personal Relationship Between Sound and Movement

Its a research..

To explore the common points, intersections in between sound as my interest, and movement as my fascination,

To observe the similarities / differentiations in the creation process of dance and sound practice,

To compose meaningful interactions, meaningful relations between sound and movement,

To create a personal conversation, a chain reaction, an instrument between me as a musician and the dancer,

To play around and to discover in this alternative expression space...

CASS Concert

CASS stands for the Creative Departments: Composition, ArtScience & Sonology at the University of the Arts. CASS Concerts are 100% student organised events for the students of these three departments to collaborate and work together to put together a concert series.


HaLO (The Hague Laptop Orchestra)

Waggle Dance By Nicolas Collins

“Waggle Dance, for laptop marching band, was written for the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk). The sound material consists of feedback between the internal mikes and speakers in the laptops, triggered by crackle noise extracted from antique cylinder recordings. The screens light the performers' faces as they wander in the dark.”

HaLO (The Hague Laptop Orchestra) is an improvisation-based ensemble which consists of eight performers with laptops, variety of sensors and electronics. The ensemble is formed in 2022 by Pedro Latas, Isaac Barzso, Cansu Ülker, Nursinem Aslan, Fırtına Kıral, Julia Bovee Schroeder and Zeynep Oktar who are laptop performers, composers and sonologists from Composition, Sonology and ArtScience department from The Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

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